Plexiglass Installation Service

Plexiglass installation is a relatively easy task as the material is shatter-resistant, and can be installed the way you want it to look and also depends on the application for which it is being used. The glass panel can be used to appear as a traditional window by creating stops for the Plexiglass while it can also be attached with screws with pre-drill holes. 

Light, transparent and weather resistant panel made of Plexiglass have been used around the whole world for almost a century now. However, the term is usually misspelled with a double “ss”, as the term Plexiglas is a German registered trademark.

The company founded in 1905 is still in business under the name “Rohm Plexiglas”. These panels and sheeting are found almost everywhere in our world, as they are used in manufacturing of cars, aerospace industries as well as in our computer screen. You may have also encountered them on road side construction to reduce the noise pollution or in advertising etc.

These sheets and panels are also used globally in famous attraction such as the aquarium and even the UK-flag bearing British Mini Cooper has rear lights made of this material.

COVID Plexiglass Barriers

As the novel coronavirus disease (COVID19) is spreading globally, businesses and people from all walks of life will face problems similar to what people are facing in major cities like New York, London, Rome among others.

Most of us in Vancouver, BC should also be ready to tackle the problem smartly and effectively. The Plexiglass has been in high demand in the recent days since the spread of COVID19 with it being touted as an effective shield against the disease.

Sneezing and coughing near other people is an absolute no-go in the current world. However, Covid Plexiglass barriers can help protect people from this highly infectious disease with the firm that invented it still being alive and kicking. 

Plexiglass has been a very critical element throughout this pandemic globally because of its use in the “Personal protective equipment” (PPE) of frontline workers. Because of its ability to stop the virus, it has been in high demand globally with sales increasing by more than 300% in the last two months as compared to February 2020.

Experts believe that this demand will increase even further as businesses install them to protect their workers and to keep striving in protecting their assembly lines. It has also been used in old care homes to meet the loved ones, where earlier family visits were halted because of the risk of visitors infecting the residents, as elderly people are especially vulnerable to COVID19. 

With the offices and other non-essential businesses opening soon in the Vancouver, BC area, barriers made out of Plexiglass would be critical to curb the spread of the virus. During this current pandemic, the Plexiglass screens can already be seen in supermarkets and pharmacies across the country. Plexiglass has been touted as a simple but very effective shield against infections.

The demand for the Plexiglass is almost everywhere be it hospitals, offices, casinos or other public places, as installing the Plexiglass barriers helps you to interact with other people and sit face-to-face without breathing on each other, which can lead to virus transmission.

During the current pandemic, the panels made of Plexiglass are used in all spheres of life, where the social distance (two-meters or six-foot) cannot be maintained at all times.

Installation of Plexiglass barriers in Vancouver, BC to curb the spread of the virus

Whether you have a new business, or a restaurant, where the required social distance cannot be kept at all times, Vancouver Windows have got you covered, as we offer top quality panel installation and plexiglass barriers while delivering the job on time and within your budget.

With years of experience in installation of windows and panels, our team will assist in making your business, colleagues and customers safe from the novel disease with our superior Plexiglass sneeze guards. 

Vancouver Windows has always taken pride in the glasswork that it provides to its commercial clients. If you are a hospital or a restaurant or any business, where it is difficult to maintain the social distancing rules, our installation of Plexiglass would help you, your workers and your customers stay safe from the virus.

The installation also gives public dealing businesses in making the customers feel safe in your surroundings and helps in protecting the business.

Why Vancouver Windows for Plexiglass Installation and sneeze guards?

At Vancouver Windows, client satisfaction is our priority, with the installation of all glass products and services at a great cost. The company has been providing its service in Vancouver, BC with expert window installations, repairs, and replacements of commercial glass as well as other glass needs.

If you opt to hire us for your Plexiglass installation, you can rest assured that our contractors will provide quick turnaround times and very little disturbance to your business.

The company has years of experience in working with a large number of Vancouver, BC businesses to create a lasting and beautiful installation for all kind of glass works. The team at Vancouver Windows has years of experience working with Plexiglass and ensures a quick, flawless installation in Vancouver, BC.

With most installations done within a day, our workers will ensure that your Plexiglass barrier panels are installed properly and can be used for years. 

If you are a business, hospital or an old care home in Vancouver, BC, it is essential to invest in Plexiglass during the current pandemic. Vancouver Windows has years of experience in dealing with Plexiglass and during the current days, the use of the material has become critical to save lives of you and your loved ones, as well as protecting your business from getting a hit due to COVID19.

Social distancing must be maintained at all times, and Plexiglass helps in curbing the spread of the virus. Our goal is to help you and your business in tackling this pandemic effectively. With our plexiglass barriers ands sneeze guards, you will be doing your part to help limit the spread.

You can reach us by calling at (604) 337-0033, you can get a free quote for Plexiglass installation in your business and homes by calling us or reaching us through our web